Our story

LOVIS ORGANIC is an eco-friendly nightwear brand for all children 0-9 years. Founded in Warsaw to celebrate family evenings and cozy mornings, we believe in treating Mother Nature with love and respect.

We are committed to make durable clothes in high-quality organic cotton and with a long-lasting fit. Our products withstand daily wear and tear without losing their shape or colours, so that you can proudly hand them down to another child and stop buying more clothes than necessary. This is what real sustainability means to us.

All the clothes are designed in a way that enables them to grow together with a child – all sleeves and legs have rolled cuffs, and the body enough volume for a long-lasting fit. Our ambition is to make them fit for at least 2 years, and for each item to be worn by many children.

Organic cotton

All our clothes are made with GOTS* certified cotton, which is the most demanding certificate that guarantees the highest standard. Organic cotton is grown without chemical pesticides and using only natural fertilisers. We believe that by choosing organic products, not only do you care for what is best for your child, but also contribute to a more sustainable world. All our products are made locally in Poland. Therefore we are able to guarantee fair working conditions at every step of the production. We carefully select our suppliers and partners to fulfil this requirement.

Lovis Organic

Behind LOVIS ORGANIC there is a Polish-Swedish family, with a little girl named Ronja giving us a daily dose of inspiration. She received her name after “Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter” – our favourite Astrid Lindgren book. Ronja’s mother – “strong and reliable as a rock” – is called Lovis.

Scandinavian minimalistic aesthetics is another major influence – simple, timeless and unisex design is as important to us as functionality of each item.